U.S. Dream Academy



One out of every 12 American children have experienced parental incarceration at some point in their lives. Millions of young people, living in communities across the nation, are exposed to high crime, high poverty, and failing public schools; this, coupled with having an incarcerated parent, with it's corresponding shame and stigma, only add to the dangerous mix of factors which significantly lower the chance of a child's academic success and increase their risk of future incarceration. 

US Dream Academy provides the academic and social tools to empower those young people who are most at risk, to achieve success.

The U.S. Dream Academy is an organization that we choose to support because of their work to equip and inspire these future leaders who have enormous potential to offer our world. One way that you can help us, is by signing up to become a Dream Academy mentor. 

Learn more about becoming a mentor at their website