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We've partnered together to instill the power of imagination in you, to cultivate your personal creativity, inspire innovation, and bring fulfillment to your life and your leadership… AND for your team and organization.

It's time to Imagine More.

- Brian Paradis & Curtis Wallace #imaginationworksmedia

Lead With Imagination

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In Praise Of "Lead With Imagination"

If you’re seeking examples of leadership, followership and better yet, servant leadership for yourself and perhaps more importantly, for your children and members of the next generation, pick up a copy of this book.

Bill, Amazon Reviewer

In Praise Of "Lead With Imagination"

This transparent work weaves foundational leadership truths through authentic examples that lead to his team’s success. Lead with Imagination is both entertaining and inspiring.

Mark, Amazon Reviewer

In Praise Of "Lead With Imagination"

Brian’s insights and creative approach to leading a complex organization in a dynamic, ever-changing environment were extremely valuable. This book has inspired many new ideas for me as I continue to grow in my own career.

Bradley, Amazon Reviewer

In Praise Of "Lead With Imagination"

Brian Paradis generously shares vital and universal leadership lessons in leadership and in life. His tone is refreshingly transparent, a rare but essential trait in leaders who have successfully led large, complex organizations.

Joseph, Amazon Reviewer

In Praise Of "Lead With Imagination"

Wonderful book for anyone in a leadership role and those seeking to be leaders in the future.

Jack, Amazon Reviewer
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