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  • Imagine the Life You Want with Brian Paradis

    Our guest this week is Brian Paradis, author of Lead with Imagination and senior partner at CSuite Solutions. He was president of Florida Hospital’s Central Region, and under his leadership, it became the number one hospital in Florida according to US News and World Report. We talk about the nature of leadership in all areas of your life and how purpose is the key to unlocking your full potential.

  • Love In Action Podcast, Ft. Brian Paradis

    We’ve moved from the Information Age into the Imagination Age, and creative thinking skills are now just as important as the so-called ‘hard’ business skills. Imagination plus leadership is the formula to unleash all kinds of potential. So says Brian Paradis, author of the compelling new book Lead With Imagination. Brian is a senior partner of C-Suite Solutions, a national advisory firm that helps health care organizations move from “volume to value.” He served previously as President of Florida Hospital’s central region, a $4 billion enterprise, and under his leadership, it became the number one ranked hospital in Florida for three years. (Click to Listen)

  • The Infinitely Expandable Brain Podcast, Ft. Brian Paradis

  • The Lisa Valentine Clark Show Podcast, ft. Brian Paradis

    We celebrate imagination in our kids, but as we get older, it becomes a little less appreciated. But maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe imagination is exactly what we need to be better leaders. Here to tell us how imagination can improve our leadership skills is Brian Paradis, author of Lead with Imagination: Regaining the Power to Lead and Live in a Changing World. (Click to Listen)

  • The Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast, Ft. Brian Paradis