Brian Paradis

Do you believe that the growth of your business, adapting to the competitive environment and creating opportunities are essential to your organization’s future? Do you believe that the inventiveness and ingenuity of your staff combined with purposeful teamwork are a cornerstone to sustained success? If you do, I agree with you. And the evidence overwhelmingly supports us. 

But do you worry something is missing or not in sync? Are your results hit or miss? Do you wish for a fresh set of eyes and a second perspective?

This is where I can help.

- By activating healthcare organizations to design, develop and deliver growth. Applying curiosity and creativity, aims are clarified and focused, new revenue streams are identified, and mindsets, methods and motivations are adjusted for goal achievement.

- By aligning organizational purpose with a culture that is able to execute a plan and preserve performance: Adapting as they go, overcoming challenges, pivoting to capture opportunities, while having fun and experiencing joy in the process. Through advising, writing, speaking, and workshops focused on moving from imaginative strategy to inspired work.

- By assembling proven solutions and strategies to seize the most valuable leverage an organization has, it’s people. Moving beyond optics to outcomes, increasing the measured attractiveness and effectiveness of the work environment by reducing disease, disorder and dysfunction.

- By advantaging healthcare systems to reimagine their relationships with community employers through the creation of a virtuous circle. The approach is “elegant and elevated” focused on a shared accountability for improving quality and lowering cost. It begins with demonstrated results, tracked outcomes and a compelling economic model.

- By bringing experiences as the CFO, COO and President of a $4 billion healthcare delivery system leading strategy creation and the operational execution that produced results. I thrive in complex opportunities, uncertain environments and difficult challenges. I am able to apply multiple lenses to an organization and its direction, connect dots often not connected and integrate the financial, strategic and operational elements. And I get there fast… Let’s start a dialogue.
In my book, Lead With Imagination: Regaining the Power to Lead and Live in a Changing World, I share my experiences; I share a few successes, a lot of failures, and the lessons I've been privileged to learn and study along the way. It's the first step to learning to lead in a way that unleashes so much potential for growth, creativity, and well-being.
Check out my strategic advisory firm, Csuite Growth Advisors, to learn how we can help your organization, today!