One World Health

What They Do:
OneWorld Health is a 501(c)(3) organization that fills the gaps left by governmental, temporary and narrowly focused healthcare efforts. They’ve created a smarter, sustainable, permanent approach that puts the power to heal back into the community’s hands, by building healthcare facilities that provide a full scope of medical services and are designed to be affordable and accessible. The best and the brightest local physicians are identified and receive ongoing training from OneWorld Health’s team of U.S. board-certified physicians. Best of all, the medical centers are designed to be 100% operational and self-sufficient in 18 to 24 months.

Why We're Involved:
Their aspiration and approach captivated my imagination! Knowing their team personally, and seeing the care they provide first-hand, is truly a testament to the power of imagination and the positive impact it has in our world. This organization was started by "difference-makers" and we are so grateful for the mission they continue to carry out. 

We Commit:
We've committed to contributing a portion of our profits from "Lead With Imagination" to support One World Health, along with our ongoing personal commitments of giving. 

I invite you to learn more at their website