Meet Our Co-Founders!

 Brian Paradis (Pictured Left) and Curtis Wallace (Pictured Right)

Brian Paradis possesses over twenty years of executive leadership at one of the largest hospitals in the United States. He combines concepts of systems theory, servant leadership, and the arts with his practical experience in finance, operations, and strategy. Brian illuminates a path for those who believe there is a better way to build an innovative culture, develop robust strategy, and achieve sustainable high-performance. 
This is leading with imagination

Keynote and Collaborative Conversations:
- The Purpose, Process and Power of Imagination
- Seven Ways to Imagination
- Creating Robust Strategy
- Healthcare Re-Imagined

Brian has been featured on John Tesh's Intelligence for Your Life Podcast, Bill Martinez Live, The Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast, Marcel Schwantes' Love In Action Podcast, The Infinitely Expandable Brain Podcast, and more!

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Curtis W. Wallace is a lawyer, executive, film producer, and author whofocuses his unique background and expertise to enable driven, passionate people to use their talents to impact the world. Curtis believes that every person and organization was created to tell a story unlike any other. His job is to help people find and tell their story -- that is imagination at work.

Keynote and Collaborative Conversations:
- The Leadership Gap
- Unleashing Imagination
- Elevating Excellence