Our Beginning

The world is increasingly complex, knowledge is advancing at an unfathomable rate, and the problems in our world seem unsolvable. Our organizations are in near constant and disruptive transition, and the cultures that define them are disconnected, disaffected, and divisive.

Too many of us as leaders show up to our work unsure what we are doing and wondering if what we are doing matters. We are “smarter” than any generation in history. This is not the problem; it is not the reason for our slow progression. The problem is, our imagination is not advancing at the same pace. And that opens the door to opportunity for those willing to walk through, willing to take a risk, and willing to see what others don’t see.

These are the thoughts I carried with me, as I boarded a plane from Orlando, FL to Dallas, TX. to meet Curtis W. Wallace. I wanted to do something. I thought it started with a book to articulate the power and promise of imagination. I had been introduced to Curtis via email, shared a brief phone call, and a face to face dialogue seemed the next logical step. He represented a number of author’s as an agent and attorney. He had also served as chief operating officer and legal counsel to TD Jakes' Enterprises. He had a deep background in both the business and creative aspects of communicating in print and media a difference-making message.

It took barely an hour from the time he picked me up at the airport until our paths were united on a shared mission. We believe all are born with a designed imagination and curiosity. We want to help people rediscover and then use it for the betterment of their leadership and life. We became committed to enlighten, enlarge, entertain, and energize leaders to experience the power and possibilities of imagination, creativity, and innovation. We are committed to supporting leaders to unleash their fullest potential and that of those they are privileged to lead.